The start of 2014

paternoster Feb14

To kick off the year, Oep ve Koep hosted the Paternoster People’s Partnership to a lovely breakfast on Friday the 31st, of Jan 2014.

The PPP are so very excited about all the interest, enthusiasm and wonderful ideas that were shared amongst all those present. Seeing how passionate everyone is about sharing skills and enabling development in & for Paternoster’s community gives us all so much to look forward to this year and in the future.

It was important to get a committee in place that can help drive the activities and create a working structure to the partnership.

We have great pleasure in announcing the committee, as voted by those present, as follows;
Chairperson : Sanita van der Merwe
Vice Chairperson : Toni Shina, unfortunately Toni could not accept the post and so Fran Hepburn (who received the next most votes) will take her place on the committee.
Secretary : Nerissa Coraizin
Treasurer : Ben Rootman

The following people also received the next number of votes and will be brought into the working committee to understand the philosophy/structure of the committee and to enable any smooth transitions in the future.

Chairperson assistant : Shermonay Marcus
Vice chairperson assistant: Manerva Clark
Secretary assistant: Edwerna Pieters
Treasurers assistant: Dalene Jordaan

We are indeed very lucky to count so many talented and skillful people as our members! Apart from the committee members we also have so many volunteers; Hedwig, Marina, Ronelle, Leigh, Annemie, Dianne, Ruth, Andrew, Abel, Edgar, Roelie, Kobus, Leigh, Lewarn Benade, Hellene, Leonora, Joleen, Amanda, Isobel Roos, Anouk Rust, Meldene, Rene Slee, Renee Gerber and Linda James.

Volunteers have come to us with some wonderful and innovative ideas for courses and skills as well as projects that we as a community can embarks on together to get Paternoster on the right track to sustainable development and growth for all.

According to the Constitution we have put in place for the Paternoster Peoples Partnership, all the involved parties are part of the Board. Everyone has a say and a part to play in the roles and the mandate of the managing committee. The PPP is to be run in a transparent and democratic way.

It is important for us that we are a project for the community and about the community.

We are currently on a drive to inform all local people about the kinds of courses and skills training we will have available, generate interest and get together resources and equipment.

Some of the exciting ideas and skills we are offering are;
For the children (9 – 15 years old); Needlework, knitting, art, nature & environment, story time, bicycle riding & wood work.
For young & older adults (16 – 60 years old); Skills Courses: Needlework, Art, Knitting, Nature & environment, Bicycle riding, Wood work.
Certificate Courses: Photography, Computer skills, Accounting, Business management – Hospitality & Business, Professional Cleaning services, Health care, Nutrition, Old Aged care, Basic Chef skills & Beauty Therapy.

With all the energy of the capable, talented people involved we can only see great things ahead for Paternoster’s People’s Project.

Thank you to all who are helping make a difference to our special village.

If you are able to assist or have any contributions to make please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email addresses;
Sanita van der Merwe
Fran Hepburn
We also have a facebook page which can be found here


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