Youth Program Update

Our youth activities are in full swing and I made a stop at a few of the classes to share some activities and photos with you.

At the music classes these enthusiastic students are learning all about music notation and reading music from Tannie Sanita – getting the theory down is all important before setting off into the wonderful world of making music.


These beginner students try out their recorders and are taught to play some simple tunes.


Sanita explains to the children that they must name their recorders after themselves as they need to care for the instruments as they do for themselves and sleep with them safely under their pillows. They also receive beginner lessons on the piano.

 In the wood work class the boys are getting to grips with all the various tools to be mastered in carpentry. Learning directly from Oom Abel and assisted by Enoch (Pinkie) the young boys have been working on colourful crosses for Easter.


The children love the  art classes and the demand for this activity was so overwhelming we had to split the budding artists into two groups, one held by Roelie and the other by Anouk. The kids just love being creative, working with colour and expressing themselves.




At the story time group we have been reading classic and modern tales from the Paternoster Library. Last week we read *Op* the Afrikaans translation of the Disney movie *Up* and the children enjoyed it very much. They love to colour-in pictures while I read and the library displays their pictures for all visitors to admire.

There is also a weekly knitting and sewing class with Shermonay and Sanita and the children are busily making various lovely items for themselves and to be sold.

Please note that we still have the following items on our Wish List for the various activities we offer;

* Sewing machines

* Hiking/walking shoes

* Bicycles

* Computers and accessories

Please know that any and all contributions are accepted and appreciated – your time or raw materials such as fabric, wool, art supplies or wood.

A volunteer is also needed for our Nature activity group – we would really like to instill an understanding and appreciation of the unique local fauna and flora on the West Coast and we appeal to anyone who would like to assist with this group to contact us.

Please like and share our Face book Page for regular updates and information.

By Fran Hepburn

Paternoster’s Peoples Partnership


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