How can you help

Our mission is to further develop and empower the entire community, continuously establishing new goalposts and ideals to ultimately uplift the community out of poverty.  Basic training and the acquisition of skills are imperative.

Our vision is that youngsters should be skilled and empowered and ultimately set on a journey of self development – the acquisition of these skills should be available in Paternoster.

Transport to other centres is expensive. Many of the youngsters who qualify for skills development, do not have formal schooling and do not qualify for tertiary institutions or formal training of any kind.

We propose training in the fields of chefs, tourism, photography, nature conservation, beauty therapists, dance, music, drama, art, craft, woodwork, welding, professional sports coaching, sewing skills, etc.  Our biggest need is a building where such activities can be coordinated; and skilled volunteers to assist us.

Equipment needed:
Cameras, Laptops or computers
Sewing machines, scissors, thread, fabric, wool, knitting needles, crochet needles
Chefs’ knives, chopping boards, pots, pans, stoves, fridges, plates
Cash for food costs
Books about these topics
Welding equipment
Woodwork machinery
Sports equipment

You could also support us by purchasing handmade items or postcards by well-known photographer Jac de Villiers.  Items available at Oep ve Koep and all sales are donated towards the project.


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