August and Woman’s Month

Against the backdrop of August as Woman’s Month we have made great strides with the adult programs. There was a special focus on empowering and developing the core of community and family in our village, and indeed the world – Woman.

We held a two evening workshops focusing on Communication & handling conflict with Annemie Coetzee, who is a Social Worker/Counselor in private practice, specifically for woman in our Paternoster community. The course focused on each woman understanding her-self and imparted guidance in being the best she can be within her family, as a women, mother and wife. 12 lovely ladies graduated from the workshop and have expressed a wish that it be an ongoing enrichment which we are currently working towards realizing with Annemie’s experienced guidance in leading these self enrichment groups.


Annemie explains the importance of understanding oneself.
Annemie explains the importance of understanding oneself.
Take home gifts and posies for workshop participants.
Take home gifts and posies for workshop participants.

We are also celebrating with the first two graduating classes for the beginner computer courses run by Marina Enslin and Nerissa Coraisin. Both classes learnt so much, did exams and are ready to move onto the next level. The next beginner’s class starts 20 August and will be taught by Annelize Botha. As we all know in this digital age computer skills are an invaluable tool for people wanting to get a job or just understand more of the world around us.

Nerissa’s computer class graduates!

Our ladies weekly sewing group is working full steam ahead preparing for the Paternoster Seafood Festival, where they have a stall, as well as getting other orders out.

They do urgently need a sewing machine or two! We currently only have one old machine to share between all the industrious ladies – if you have a machine you can donate please do contact us. It will help us enormously in generating funds for all the projects we are embarking on to uplift and empower our lovely community in Paternoster.

We would like to take a moment to wish all the woman, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends in our lives a happy and empowering August , Thank you for being you!

*If you can’t find a good role model, be one * Gale Ann Hurd

Beautiful Posies presented to the ladies at the Communication and conflict handling worshop
Beautiful Posies presented to the ladies at the Communication and conflict handling worshop

Adult Programs in full swing

It may be winter here on the West Coast and the tortoises are hibernating in Paternoster but our adult skills programs are really picking up steam!

We are very grateful to have received a wonderful donation of 6 laptop computers to the value of R 35,000.00 from Die Kom Homeowners Association. These will be used in our first computer training course due to commence 1 July and as it is already fully booked we have a waiting list for the second course.

The course will be run by local business woman Marina Enslin and we are so grateful for her time, ongoing sponsorship and support through Stay In Paternoster to the Project.

This course will have a huge impact on the skills development of the people of Paternoster.


At the handover of laptops Saturday 14th June 2014 at The Paternoster Fishmarket are (from front to back, left to right) Front row: Shermonay Marcus (PPP), Sanita van der Merwe (PPP),  Ronell van Tonder, Second Row: Marina Enslin (Computer Trainer), Median Losper (Local community), Karini Viljoen (First Step Academy) Back Row: Danie van Tonder (Chairman Die Kom Home owners association), Shontal Swartz (student for first computer course), Fran Hepburn (PPP) and Pieter Viljoen (First Step Academy).

A sewing group for the woman residence of Paternoster had their first evening together on the 16th of June and was greeted with much enthusiasm and excitement!

The ladies received training in the basics of cutting and layout of fabric, the use of an over locker. Everyone had the opportunity to cut,sew and trim a scatter cushion.  This group has indicated that they would like to continue with the sewing classes for the rest of the year!

30 ladies enrolled for the second  professional cleaner course on the 12th of June and together with the first course on 8 May,50 ladies have graduated so far. There is so much enthusiasm and interest that a third course will be presented before August 2014.

A huge thank you to Toni Shina for arranging the courses, providing a venue, refreshments and bringing along her wonderful trainers; Eleni and Leonora who share their valuable expertise with the ladies of Paternoster.

The ladies are so proud and happy to have their certificates at the end of the course.



Things are going very well and we are getting an overwhelming response from local people who would like to improve their skills and opportunities.

Thank you to all supporters and sponsors.

Together we can make a difference in Paternoster.

Youth Program Update

Our youth activities are in full swing and I made a stop at a few of the classes to share some activities and photos with you.

At the music classes these enthusiastic students are learning all about music notation and reading music from Tannie Sanita – getting the theory down is all important before setting off into the wonderful world of making music.


These beginner students try out their recorders and are taught to play some simple tunes.


Sanita explains to the children that they must name their recorders after themselves as they need to care for the instruments as they do for themselves and sleep with them safely under their pillows. They also receive beginner lessons on the piano.

 In the wood work class the boys are getting to grips with all the various tools to be mastered in carpentry. Learning directly from Oom Abel and assisted by Enoch (Pinkie) the young boys have been working on colourful crosses for Easter.


The children love the  art classes and the demand for this activity was so overwhelming we had to split the budding artists into two groups, one held by Roelie and the other by Anouk. The kids just love being creative, working with colour and expressing themselves.




At the story time group we have been reading classic and modern tales from the Paternoster Library. Last week we read *Op* the Afrikaans translation of the Disney movie *Up* and the children enjoyed it very much. They love to colour-in pictures while I read and the library displays their pictures for all visitors to admire.

There is also a weekly knitting and sewing class with Shermonay and Sanita and the children are busily making various lovely items for themselves and to be sold.

Please note that we still have the following items on our Wish List for the various activities we offer;

* Sewing machines

* Hiking/walking shoes

* Bicycles

* Computers and accessories

Please know that any and all contributions are accepted and appreciated – your time or raw materials such as fabric, wool, art supplies or wood.

A volunteer is also needed for our Nature activity group – we would really like to instill an understanding and appreciation of the unique local fauna and flora on the West Coast and we appeal to anyone who would like to assist with this group to contact us.

Please like and share our Face book Page for regular updates and information.

By Fran Hepburn

Paternoster’s Peoples Partnership

Youth Program Launch

There was great excitement all around as we launched our new year of activities & classes for the children of Paternoster at 2pm on Friday the 17th of February 2014.

More than 30 children arrived for the Art, Knitting & Sewing & Wood Work classes. Art teacher Roelie got the very eager budding artists going with making some colourful masks.


The boys in the Wood Work class were lucky to be learning from an old master like Uncle Abel.


While Sanita & Shermonay got the knitting and sewing underway for this year while also helping with the over-flowing Art Class that looks like it will be very popular with Paternoster’s young children!


We are expecting even more children and hopefully more volunteers to help as word gets out on how much fun it is!

The older youth (high school) and adult application forms for planned activities are coming in slowly.

The children were also very excited when Edgar showed them his mountain bike and they all want to start bike riding but we need to get some bikes together – please consider donating a bike if you have one not in use or can help in any way with this.

Many children and adults have expressed great interest in computer literacy classes, we have volunteers but lack equipment like screens, keyboards & laptops.

We are still in need of sewing machines and overlockers for the sewing class – we received a donation of fabric so we have some raw materials but can always do with more of everything!

We are hoping to start a sport’s program for the children that can run during the holiday period.

Please ask anyone you know who may be able to assist to get in touch with us.

Our current Youth program is;


Monday:           Reading club/Bike Riding           Fran Hepburn en Edgar Bauerfeld

Tuesday:           Nature & Enviroment                  Ronelle Viljoen.

Wednesday:      Art                                            Roelie van Heerden en Anouk Rust

Thursday:           Music & Woodwork                  Abel en Sanita van der Merwe

Friday:              Knitting & sewing                      Sanita van der Merwe en Shermonay Marcus


1st term:  5 weeks ,  17 February – 21 March

2nd term: 10 weeks,  7 April – 13 June

3rd  term: 9 weeks , 21 July – 19 September

4rd term: 6.5 weeks,  1 Oct – 14 November.

Thank you once again to all the volunteers and those involved. We are all working together for a prosperous Paternoster together.


The start of 2014

paternoster Feb14

To kick off the year, Oep ve Koep hosted the Paternoster People’s Partnership to a lovely breakfast on Friday the 31st, of Jan 2014.

The PPP are so very excited about all the interest, enthusiasm and wonderful ideas that were shared amongst all those present. Seeing how passionate everyone is about sharing skills and enabling development in & for Paternoster’s community gives us all so much to look forward to this year and in the future.

It was important to get a committee in place that can help drive the activities and create a working structure to the partnership.

We have great pleasure in announcing the committee, as voted by those present, as follows;
Chairperson : Sanita van der Merwe
Vice Chairperson : Toni Shina, unfortunately Toni could not accept the post and so Fran Hepburn (who received the next most votes) will take her place on the committee.
Secretary : Nerissa Coraizin
Treasurer : Ben Rootman

The following people also received the next number of votes and will be brought into the working committee to understand the philosophy/structure of the committee and to enable any smooth transitions in the future.

Chairperson assistant : Shermonay Marcus
Vice chairperson assistant: Manerva Clark
Secretary assistant: Edwerna Pieters
Treasurers assistant: Dalene Jordaan

We are indeed very lucky to count so many talented and skillful people as our members! Apart from the committee members we also have so many volunteers; Hedwig, Marina, Ronelle, Leigh, Annemie, Dianne, Ruth, Andrew, Abel, Edgar, Roelie, Kobus, Leigh, Lewarn Benade, Hellene, Leonora, Joleen, Amanda, Isobel Roos, Anouk Rust, Meldene, Rene Slee, Renee Gerber and Linda James.

Volunteers have come to us with some wonderful and innovative ideas for courses and skills as well as projects that we as a community can embarks on together to get Paternoster on the right track to sustainable development and growth for all.

According to the Constitution we have put in place for the Paternoster Peoples Partnership, all the involved parties are part of the Board. Everyone has a say and a part to play in the roles and the mandate of the managing committee. The PPP is to be run in a transparent and democratic way.

It is important for us that we are a project for the community and about the community.

We are currently on a drive to inform all local people about the kinds of courses and skills training we will have available, generate interest and get together resources and equipment.

Some of the exciting ideas and skills we are offering are;
For the children (9 – 15 years old); Needlework, knitting, art, nature & environment, story time, bicycle riding & wood work.
For young & older adults (16 – 60 years old); Skills Courses: Needlework, Art, Knitting, Nature & environment, Bicycle riding, Wood work.
Certificate Courses: Photography, Computer skills, Accounting, Business management – Hospitality & Business, Professional Cleaning services, Health care, Nutrition, Old Aged care, Basic Chef skills & Beauty Therapy.

With all the energy of the capable, talented people involved we can only see great things ahead for Paternoster’s People’s Project.

Thank you to all who are helping make a difference to our special village.

If you are able to assist or have any contributions to make please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email addresses;
Sanita van der Merwe
Fran Hepburn
We also have a facebook page which can be found here

Ladies Lunch – networking for PPP

A typical day in Paternoster – the blue blue Atlantic Ocean and a gale force South Easter as the background to a networking lunch for 39 woman from the Paternoster Community.

The event was held at Sonkwas Blue  accommodation, with it’s beautiful view over Bekbaai. The ladies were addressed by Toni Shina (The Backpack), Mario van Niekerk (GCU) and Sanita van der Merwe (Paternoster’s Peoples’ Partnership) – the subject was responsible tourism and how a community project can be integrated.

The guests were treated to a typical degustation menu served by Chef Kobus van der Merwe from Oep ve Koep Bistro.

food pic

 Everyone tucked into the delicious food and enthusiastic conversations were shared especially after Mario van Niekerk, a previous gang member of the Americans, told the group about his community project in Heideveld. He was speaking from experience as he emphasised the fact that everyone should be included, even the so called ‘gangster’. There is no choice anymore for the people living in the community – everyone must get involved. Where tourism grows criminal and related activities tend to increase. The only way to fight crime is to fight poverty and to equip people with skills and thereby empower them.

Toni Shina gave some tips and insights on internet marketing and announced, with great excitement, the new internet portal for the Paternoster Community project. Friends of the Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership project can be listed on the website and they can choose to become a Bronze, Gold or Platinum friend. The Community project will benefit from this and two-way traffic ensures effective marketing for all parties in Paternoster. The advantages of marketing a Fair Trade brand were highlighted. The ladies heard what the terms ‘voluntourism’, ‘Fair trade’ and ‘Conscious capitalism’ mean.

Paternoster has the potential to become a tourist destination of choice, if we can address and improve the pressing social and economic needs of  the community in this unique fishing village.

Worldwide more and more tourists are choosing destinations where community projects are established and where the local community are direct beneficiaries of these developments.

Sanita van der Merwe, who already started with this project in 2011, pointed out the achievability of this dream to establish a skills academy. She used examples from other successful community projects. The children that have been part of the project since 2011 have proven that it is a successful model. Important mind shifts have been made and the children are eager to go further within the academy. The purpose is that as many of Paternosters young people as possible must be able to do courses and learn skills at the academy. The women of Paternoster as a whole are very enthusiastic and both young and old would welcome a project like this.

Paternoster has many talented and well-equipped residents and 25 volunteers have already offered to help!

Please inform us of any  other community projects and activities of the past and currently  so that we can add the information on our blog and newsletter!

PPP is looking forward to a bright future. See our kids at Storytime in the library!

Thank you to everyone who have already promised help and made contributions.

Look out for moneyboxes at the restaurants and shops in Paternoster with our logo on, where you can make contributions.

Lewarn Benade is having a Christmas tree get together on the 18th December for the children of the community and Renee Gerber who has filled buckets with sweets for the occasion.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to make a difference!

See the spreadsheet of activities already volunteered and please send us your details if you can help in any way.


Ladies Lunch at Oep ve Koep Bistro – networking for PPP

n Tipiese weskus dag  in Paternoster – ‘n  blou- blou  Atlantiese oseaan en  n stormsterk suid-ooste wind is die agtergrond vir n netwerk- middagete vir  39 vroue  van die Paternoster gemeenskap.

Die onthaal area van Sonkwas Blue  akkommodasie  met n pragtige uitsig oor Bekbaai see was die  betemming  vir die dag. Die vroue   is  deur Toni Shina, the Backpack,  Mario van Niekerk  van GCU en Sanita van der Merwe  (Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership, toegespreek – die onderwerp was verantwoordelike toerisme en  hoe ‘n gemeenskapsprojek  daarby inskakel.

Die gaste was getrakteer op n tipiese  degustation  spyskaart ,voorgesit deur chef Kobus van der Merwe van Oep ve Koep Bistro .

food pic

Daar was  heerlik weggelê aan die kos en  almal het entoesiasties saamgesels veral na Mario van Niekerk- voormalige Americans bende lid vir ons toegelig  het oor sy gemeenskapsprojek in Heideveld. Hy praat uit ondervinding en lê klem op die feit dat almal bereik moet word- ook die sg gangster. Daar is geen keuse meer  vir inwoners nie- almal moet betrokke raak. Waar toerisme  groei, neem bendes en verwante bedrywighede toe . Die enigste manier om misdaad te beveg is om armoede te beveg en  mense toe te rus met vaardighede en hul sodoende te bemagtig.

Toni Shina gee wenke oor internet bemarking   en  kondig  met groot genoegdoening die nuwe internet portaal  aan vir Paternoster gemeenskapsprojek. Vriende  van Paternoster Peoples’ Partnership projek kan gelys word op die blad  en kan n Goud,Brons, of Platinum vriend word. Die gemeenskapsprojek baat daarby en wedersydse verkeer verseker  effektiewe bemarking vir alle partye in Paternoster.. Die voordele van  die bemarking van ‘n  Fair trade’ bestemming word uitgelig. Ons hoor wat is “voluntourism” , “Fair trade”, en “Conscious capitalism”.

Paternoster het die moontlikheid om n bestemming by uitstek te word mits ons die sosiaal maatskaplike omstandighede van die vissersdorpie  se inwoners kan verbeter.

Wêreldwyd kies toeriste meer en meer    bestemmings waar gemeenskapsprojekte gevestig is en waar  die plaaslike gemeenskap  voordeel trek uit die ontwikkeling.

Sanita van der Merwe   wat reeds  in 2011 reeds met die projek begin het,het  die haalbaarheid van die droom om n vaardigheids akademie op die been te bring uitgelig. Sy het aangehaal uit ander suksesvolle  gemeenskapsprojekte. Die kinders wat sedert 2011 betrokke is by die projek het bewys dat die model suksesvol  kan wees.Belangrike kopskuiwe het plaasgevind en die kinders is  ywerig om verder by die akademie betrokke te wees.  Die oogmerk moet wees dat soveel moontlik van Paternoster se jongmense  kursusse kan doen by die  akademie. Die vrouens van Paternoster is baie entoesiasties uiteen en dit blyk dat oud en jonk so iets in Paternoster sal verwelkom.

Paternoster het baie talentvolle toegeruste inwoners  en 25 vrywilligers  het na die byeenkoms hulp aangebied!

Ons gee graag erkenning aan diegene wat reeds ander projekte in Paternoster suksesvol aangepak het en ons sal graag  daaroor wil skryf op ons blog.

Laat weet vir ons – al die blootstelling saam ,plaas Patenoster net een tree voor wanneer dit kom by bemarking in die wereld toersime  mark.

PPP sien uit na n blink toekoms. Baie groot dankie aan ons donateurs!
Aangeheg is n spreadsheet met volunteers.

Kyk uit vir die geldblikkies by die restaurante  en winkels in Paternoster  waar ons logo adverteer word en waar u bydraes kan maak!

Lewarn Benade hou n Kersboom  geselligheid op 18 Desember  vir die kinders van die gemeenskap en  Renee Gerber het emmers vol  lekkers vir die geleentheid verpak.

Dankie aan almal wat n verskil help maak!